Audio Network Background Music/Stock music for TV, film & advertising

Background Music often refers to the unobtrusive tunes heard in a lift or in a restaurant, and can be another term for musak, piped music or weather music

To many people however, it’s just another name for a musical soundtrack, a bed or an accompanying composition on a TV show, feature film,  corporate or commercial.

While background music can be almost entirely un-noteworthy, it can also create atmosphere, generate mood or even prompt and provide narrative.

Production music can be referred to as background music, even when it plays a crucial part in the telling of a story.

Audio Network’s music library is full of potential background music tracks that can be used for any type of media project.

In all there are 217,429 original tracks and arrangements, all of which are pre-cleared for international TV and multiplatform use in perpetuity.

To find background music for your next project use Audio Network’s search function.