Library Music from Audio Network / Download Library Music for video productions

Library Music is another name for production music or stock music

It generally refers to any piece of music – from a complete song to a short sting - that is owned by a music library and can be licensed for use in TV, film, commercials, video games etc to enhance the production. 

Unlike Rights Managed Music, Library Music is 100% owned by the library in which it is made available, meaning that no further permission for usage is required from its composer.

Library music will generally be used in the background of a TV show, film, commercial or video game. It will be found lower down in the mix than the dialogue or the voiceover and will be used to set the mood of the piece.

Library Music can also be used to highlight a certain passage of a story, provide recognizable audio references for a location or as a tool for product association in an advert.

The major advantages of choosing library music over bespoke composed tunes are: 1) Cost, 2) Speed and 3) Versatility. A piece of library music will be less expensive than commissioning a composer, it will available to download instantly from either a website or a CD and it will often be available in a number of different mixes and versions.

In almost all cases, library music will be of broadcast quality.

Audio Network is an example of a library music company. Audio Network’s music library contains 213,737 songs, tracks, ditties, tunes and arrangements, including a good percentage that have been composed specifically for TV, film and advertising projects. 

Our library music catalogue contains everything from Ambient and Atmospheric to Urban and Wildlife

The library music made available by Audio Network is used by hundreds of TV, film and commercials producers around the world.

In Canada, for example, the most-watched, scripted television show, Hiccups”, uses library music from Audio Network. As does Nat Geo Wild’s Monkey World, a documentary series about the work of the Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset, UK.

To find the perfect library music for your next production search Audio Network’s library now.