Marietta Smith


Candi Staton や Kylie と共演した The Allergies のソウル・ゴスペル歌手





Marietta is the frontwoman for Smith and the Honey Badgers, a raw funk and soul band that pays homage to labels like Stax and Daptone Records. She also performs with The Allergies, a band who go by the motto ‘making funky music is a must’. The DJ/producers play the funk, Marietta brings the soul and her partner-in-crime Andy Cooper brings the hip hop element to a highly energetic, crowd-pleasing band. Marietta also sings in London’s famous House Gospel Choir and has performed at festivals and events with a diverse range of artists, including the legendary Candi Staton, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac and pop superstar Kylie Minogue to Jim Henson’s The Muppets.

The frontwoman for funk and soul band Smith and the Honey Badgers also sings with The Allergies, and has performed with Candi Staton, Annie Mac, Kylie Minogue and Jim Henson’s The Muppets.
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