Lil Yamaha


Katy Perry、BANKS、Missoni、Bose、BBCも称賛するアーティストにしてプロデューサー





Lil Yamaha is a modern powerhouse; a party-starter; the future of virtual pop stars. Peek past the lilac fur and punk studs and you’ll find Jasmin Mary Tadjiky, the much-lauded British-Iranian artist/producer who’s truly letting her musical imagination fly under the audacious alter-ego. Hailing from West London, Tadjiky has always been heavily influenced by the UK underground, be that UK garage or the DIY spirit of the early Soundcloud era. She began honing her production skills at a young age, and quickly found acclaim for her unique creative voice, which blends idiosyncratic electronics and elements of R&B with melodies inspired by her Middle Eastern roots. To date, Tadjiky has released three wildly-acclaimed solo EPs as TĀLĀ via Columbia Records, remixed for the likes of Katy Perry and Petite Noir, and collaborated with acts including BANKS, Naughty Boy, Ash Koosha and Cadenza. Meanwhile, her compositions have been used in campaigns for Bose, Missoni and New Look, as well as by the BBC, Sky Sports and MTV. She is currently working on her next artist project.

Peek past the lilac fur and you’ll find Jasmin Mary Tadjiky, the much-lauded artist/producer who counts Katy Perry, Missoni and Bose as clients, and whose syncs include Sky Sports, MTV and the BBC.
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