Jack Baker


Bonobo’s drummer plus producer & songwriter whose clients include Vogue, Dior, Red Stripe and Miller





Jack Baker is an internationally renowned drummer, record producer and songwriter from London, UK. Known as an exceptionally gifted live performer, as the rhythmic bedrock of Grammy-nominated electronic live act Bonobo, Jack has spent the past decade touring and headlining festivals around the globe. When he’s not playing live, Jack has his own recording studio in London, where he offers in-house production and online recording sessions, plus he’s a prolific writer and producer, with an uncanny knack for coming up with a hook. He’s masterminded music for clients as diverse as Vogue and Dior, Red Stripe and Miller, turning his hand to everything from full-scale brass ensembles to glitchy electronic grooves.

The renowned drummer of Bonobo is also a producer and songwriter whose uncanny knack for coming up with a hook has seen him work with clients including Vogue, Dior, Red Stripe and Miller.
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