Austin Leigh Drage


A songwriter/instrumentalist whose emotional vocals join great hooks & melodies





Austin Drage has performing in his blood, from appearing in cult smash Snatch at the tender age of 11 and having Brad Pitt say that Austin was born to be on stage. A successful run on X-Factor and subsequent Number 1 single led to Austin touring the world with his eponymous one-man show. Collecting a wealth of experiences and observations, songwriting was a natural step and sessions with the UK’s top producers ensued. A multi-instrumentalist, Austin’s raw, emotional vocals and heartfelt guitar playing draws comparisons with some of soul’s greatest from Sam Cooke to George Michael. A love of dance, pop and soul music gives Austin a great insight into the ingredients of a great hook and melody.

As a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Austin’s emotional vocals and heartfelt guitar playing draws comparisons from Sam Cooke to George Michael, plus he creates great hooks and melodies.
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