Adam Alexander


Sydney-based composer/producer creating scores and sound design for games and films.


Adam Alexander is a Sydney-based composer/producer, and the founder of the award-winning sound house Bamm Bamm Wolfgang. Adam has provided original scores for films (both animated and live-action) which have brought acclaim at a multitude of international film festivals. Adam’s diverse body of work also includes original music, sound design, music curation and supervision for a number of award-winning projects, including TVCs, games (VR and AR) and sound installations for clients such as Google, Adult Swim, TED-Ed and production companies (Kapwa, Nexus, Titmouse) worldwide. Adam is working on projects with Daniel Johns (Silverchair) and Gavin Dodds (Jamiroquai) and produced the Crystal Cities record Under the Cold Light of the Moon for Audio Network, between his Sydney studio and Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sydney-based composer/producer Adam Alexander founded sound house Bamm Bamm Wolfgang and creates scores and sound design for TVCs, games and films, for clients including Google, Adult Swim and TED-Ed.
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